Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It's the Sick who need a Doctor!

It has been one serious cold and flu season at the Thorpe house.  Alice has been fighting various forms of runny noses, fevers...and last night got her very first stomach bug.  Oh my y'all it is the most pitiful thing I have ever witnessed.  Those big eyes looking at me like "What on earth is that Momma! Help, What's happening to me!"   Bless her heart.

Side note: as I write, there is this bird that keeps flying into the window, people. Have you ever seen that before?!  Poor guy slash gross slash funny.  Anyhow...

As I was holding her and rocking her (oops, not so good on the tummy, I quickly discovered as I cleaned up another mess...no more rocking) I was asking my loving God to heal her precious tummy ache and restore her to health.  I heard Matthew 9:12 in my spirit, "It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick."  And so to Matthew 9 I went this morning.

Now, many responses may strike you (as the did me).  Isn't that obvious, Jesus?  What are you getting at?  He goes on, "But go and learn what this means: I desire mercy, not sacrifice.  For I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners."

Do you realize that if you are spiritually sick, you are specifically called?  I mean, He uses the word "call" as in, you, me...my name, your name. 

Jesus did not come to save and redeem the well, dear friends, He came for people like me and you!  It is when you are the SICKEST that He reaches out to heal and "doctor" you; to rock you and soothe you; to call you into His kingdom because of His perfect love.

Are you stuck in a spiritual "sickness"?  Is depression, jealousy, worry for the future, bitterness, sin...etc making you ill?  It can and oh, it will.  Call the Doctor, the Great One.  Press in to the redeeming, trustworthy person of Jesus Christ.  He walked this walk: fully God and fully man.  He cannot only empathize with you in His humanity, but can heal you and change you because of His deity.

Dear friends, if you are worried, choose to trust Him, He is Worthy and He is Able.  If you are jealous, ask for a revelation of what He has given YOU and in all things...be thankful. Call to Him, for He hears you.  Live in expectancy, looking for Him to show up in your sickness.  He is really good at it...believe me, I know this all too well!

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  1. This is good stuff Cat! Great reminder for me right now...love you!