Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Rest for Us

My 2 year-old has been "down" for her nap for an hour now.  And even though we do this everyday, same time, same place, same book/song/prayer she is jumping and shouting in her bed rather than sleeping.

If you have kids, do they do this too?!  I'm sure a time or two.   I just want to do some "adult" reasoning with her and say (as she gives me interrupted eye contact and says Yes Ma'am unprompted) "Alice, most of us would do anything for an intentional daily nap time, even rest time!"  

I must laugh at myself at the thought of her doing something much more probable... like hanging upside down with hair in her face singing Dwingle Bells (aka Jingle Bells...yes, I know it's mid-January) while I "reason" with her.

What is it that makes me nuts about said situation? 

You see, by missing this rest time, my sweet girl has a much more difficult time listening to Mommy and Daddy as the evening progresses.  She will, most likely, have more hard disciplinary moments. Her concentration goes quickly in the negative direction and literally, her head spins.  Seriously, she twists her head from side to side looking like a human chopper.  Amazing.

Aren't we similar? I can relate with her, for sure.

The rebellion to resting reaps for us much the same as adults.

Although mine looks more "refined" and I certainly can pridefully hide it better, rebelling to rest is something I am mighty good at. 

If I'm really honest, "rest" for me is some sort of four letter word.  Ugh, I am such a production lover. Deep down I need some un-winding, re-teaching on rest, Lord!  

There is rest for the weary and burdened, Jesus says, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest."  Notice, first, we must come.

That's what keeps me from resting the most often.  Answering the request to come.  Sure, I go to Him most mornings, and with the big things, emergent things, church prayer requests...etc.  But what about all those day to day, nitty gritty times when I feel just as Jesus describes... "weary and burdened". 

When Wes has been on call for days, Alice is not napping and I am weary? Come.  When finances are tight, relationships are stretched and I feel burdened?  Come.  What about at 3:30 in the afternoon when I don't know what to make for supper? Come. 

When I choose to come to my Lord, I find rest.  I can hear Him better, follow Him with ease. Kinda like my 2-year-old after a nice long afternoon nap. (which, btw, I don't think is happening today!)

Lord change us all at the heart- We don't want to be in the same place as a child, just walking it out in acceptable adult terms! Lord help us to press on to maturity on the area of rest so we can hear you more clearly and follow you more nearly!

God Bless you as you rest in Him!

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  1. I am going to try once again to post and hope it happens this time! :) Maybe if I try listing myself as anonymous it will post! I'll try it! This is Jess by the way! LOL
    I loved this Catherine---so well put and so much a needed message in this ever idling motor of the western world, particularly the US where we are so driven! Even the environment shouts ''go go go!" Even tonight at home group the message was much the same...silence. Silence before God, coming to listen. Oh I Iove that this message is getting through to the church in our culture. I love the comparison you drew between Alice and us as adults...without rest it is so much tougher for us to listen and we are so much more wound up with worry and all the rest. Oh thank you for writing this and being yet another vessel the Lord is so desperately trying to get this message through to me! Love you friend, Jess